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483E - Project 1


About Me

Where I come from

I grew up in the inland empire in a place that—when I moved there—only had a grocery store and a gas station. It was a lot of fun to grow up in an area with a lot of undeveloped land—something that is not easy to do in Southern California. I spent a lot of time riding a bicycle around and hiking in hills.

How to define myself

Talking about myself is not my strong suit. Which is likely due to my introverted nature. I will share that I do believe in quality over quantity, I think it’s faster to do something right, than it is to do something too quickly and spend time fixing mistakes.

What I like

I like to do just about anything and I’m always up for an adventure. I try to spend as much time as I can playing games, which isn’t exactly easy. Not just for fun, but also to analyze what it is that I find fun vs. irritating, or intuitive vs. cumbersome. I like to play games that offer choice and that allow players to think about how they want to play the game. Whether what I’ve chosen is successful or not, just dreaming it up is half the fun.

What am I going to do in the future?

I returned to school a few years ago to study graphic design; with the ultimate goal of becoming a UI artist and/or designer. Ideally in the video game industry, since that is one of the activities I am most passionate about. Everything I have studied has been with this intention in mind. I try to see every lesson through the lens of that goal and to connect it in some way to the future career path that I have chosen.

My Design Skills

  • Photoshop 60%
  • Illustrator 60%
  • InDesign 50%
  • Xd 30%

Places I Have Been

# Years Duration City/Town State/County Comments
01 2000-2001 1 years Thisplace CA, USA
02 2001-2002 1 years Thatplace CA, USA
03 2002-2004 2 years Someplace CA, USA
04 2004-2006 2 years Somewhere CA, USA
05 2006-2007 1 years Nowhere CA, USA
06 2007-2009 2 years Everywhere CA, USA
07 2009-2010 1 years Here CA, USA
08 2010-2013 3 years There CA, USA
09 2013-2016 3 years Lost CA, USA
10 2016-2020 4 years Found CA, USA

Design Philosophy

My design philosophy is a bit like my personality. I am not one to talk at length about anything; I believe in being concise. Just as I believe in saying as much as I can with as few words as I can. Design should do the same thing. Which isn’t easy, design is a challenge.

If you can convey meaning, tell a story, or guide a user through an experience with only a few elements. Then I believe that is a successful design. However, I think often times designers fall into the trap of making everything too simple. Simplicity is good and can be effective, but not every user is looking for the most simplified version of everything.

There are different levels of users, like there are different levels of skill. If an advanced user is looking for detailed information, but the designer has stripped all the detail away in an effort to simplify things for the novice user. Then I don’t believe they have a successful design, as they have only created a design that functions for a portion of their audience.

Designers must find a way to distill enough information into a simple form to be understandable. However, they must also find an elegant way to surface all the information a user needs to effectively use or understand their product. And all of this, while fitting a desired visual aesthetic.